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I'm AB (Abolfazl)

Creative Director / Motion Designer, with a love for minimal and vibrant visual concepts, I enjoy experimenting with new things and combining different styles, and techniques.

You’d find me exploring the world of Tech, Crypto, AI, playing 8-ball, and capturing moments with my phone in my spare time :)‏‏‎ ‎

I’m also eager to meet other artists and collaborate with them, soooo

BTW, I'm comfortable working in both EST and CET time zones.

Selected Clients:
Ted Ed ✳︎ Meta ✳︎ Google ✳︎ Apple ✳︎ Booking ✳︎ Adidas ✳︎ Burj Khalifa ✳︎ Toshiba ✳︎ The Danish Health Authority ✳︎ Dubai Summer Surprise  + more

Selected Studios:
Brut ✳︎ 1stAveMachine ✳︎ CCCCCCC ✳︎ Nomint ✳︎ Hueso ✳︎ Post Office Studios ✳︎ Novenero ✳︎ Mostro + more

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